Customer Feedbacks

"Both flavors of Trident Bioguard Hand Sanitizers are great because they are moisturizing and don’t feel sticky on the skin. My family really likes it too! My favorite is the Lemon because with the ethanol it smells like Limoncello but trails off into a very nice light lemony scent. The lavender is nice and light but while the alcohol is evaporating it has a slight antiseptic smell to it. (I have a super sense of smell)" -- Lisa A from New York

One of the best sanitizers I have used. Gentle on the skin and much superior fragrance. My kids love it as well. I would highly recommend it!
-- Shehzad

I like how it's not sticky, it makes my hands soft and it smells good.
-- Nancy

It is a good gel dries fast without any residue and smells great. The lavender is my favorite!
-- Raja


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